I'm Rebranding

I'm in the middle of transitioning from Play with Pigments to Makara Thach Sernett.
I appreciate your patience and apologize for any delays this may cause.

You deserve to be comforted

Surround yourself with the healing power of artwork that was created with intention.

Yes please!

I paint landscapes and florals that are timeless and soothing. 

My life started in a refugee camp, isolating me from the possibilities of the world. Now that I have the ability to create art, I see it as a vessel to spread joy and comfort to others. My pieces tend to stem from a memory or story from my life. This includes both the lighthearted and painful kind because whimsy, resiliency and nature all inspire me.

My Story

A dance of color and texture

Liven up your space while creating a sense of calm with an art piece that is infused with good vibes.

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The open office is full of noise. So we built a place with less. Our Room is a simple, affordable solution for the modern workplace. It's our way of making more room for everyone.

When we needed to get our shop up and running fast, Crafty was there to help us.
Michael Boaz
Seriously, could Crafty be any more awesome? I'm not sure it could...thanks!
Sara Bonham

Personal space for the open office —


Make a statement that will last a lifetime with our pieces.


You don't have to sacrifice feeling cozy for looking good.


We strive to make our products out of 100% recyclable goods.


Contemporary lines and a modern finish make for a beautiful home.